The Airsorted Team’s Edinburgh Fringe Tips

July 20, 2018


In two weeks time, the city will come alive as thousands of performers and spectators flock to the streets of Edinburgh for the Annual Festival Fringe.

There are so many shows to see that planning your entertainment schedule can feel quite overwhelming for newcomers and we wouldn’t want you to miss some real gems.

So we asked our Airsorted Edinburgh Team for some insider suggestions of what they will be watching and doing this year:

Ione recommends the stage adaptation of Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh’s Edinburgh based classic which is staged in a unique tunnel beneath Edinburgh’s streets:


Gary loves Luisa Omielan’s sassy style and will be sure to catch her one-woman stand up show, Politics for Bitches as seen on BBC One and Live at the Apollo:


Imogene and Helen love The Sunday Night Laugh In at The Stand Comedy club, it’s open mic night all year round on a Sunday and in the run up to the festival you can see some big names testing out their acts before their higher priced solo gigs:



Steffan and Nick recommend hanging out at George Square Gardens, It really is the hub of the fringe. Steffan especially loves the halloumi fries stall, the slushy pina colada stall and the famous doughnut stand and says you must stay for the late night Massaoke mass karaoke sessions:


Katie says you should go see Baby wants Candy - an Improvised musical at the George Square, Assembly. Every show is different and you're guaranteed a great laugh:


Our newbie, Amber fancies a bit of Hans’s feather-tastic Austrian cabaret which should prove to be some good foot-stomping fun:



Although Scott thinks we should all be playing golf instead, he will be trying to catch some poetry action as the Loud Poets stage their fifth Fringe spectacular:


Max’s suggestion for a show to see during the Fringe is the alarmingly named Death is the New Porn, a gritty vigilante-themed drama set in Edinburgh, by excellent local theatre company Blazing Hyenas. This is the plays debut performance, and judging by some of the accolades the young company (and its members) have already picked up, he really thinks it might turn out to be something quite special:


The whole Airsorted team recommends watching the end of Festival fireworks from Calton Hill or if you are not a fan of crowds, you can get a really lovely view from Inverleith Gardens in Stockbridge instead.



How to earn from your Edinburgh home during the Fringe

July 20, 2018


Last year, more than 450,000 visitors from around the world descended on Edinburgh in August for the Festival Fringe. Showcasing over 3,000 shows across 300 venues, 2017 was a record-breaking year for the now legendary festival. And this year it’s set to be even bigger!

So if you’re going away during the Festival, August is one of the best times of the year to rent out your property. Short-term lets offer a great solution for people visiting the Fringe for the month. Rather than having to stay in a hotel room, they can feel at home during their stay and really immerse themselves in the city. Accommodation is in high demand during the Festival so homes in prime locations can make a lot of money.

Don’t believe us? Take it from Victoria Tweedie, a 43 year old homeowner in the Scottish capital who made over £9,000 during last year’s Fringe Festival.


She let out her New Town home for the whole month and made almost £10,000 in August 2017 alone. With the average Edinburgh home costing around £1,700 per month to run, that’s enough to live half the year effectively mortgage-free!

Victoria says: “When I first signed up to Airsorted, they took care of everything for me. They now manage all of my bookings, plus the cleaning and changeovers, which makes the whole process much smoother, especially during the Festival when things get really busy. They make me feel reassured about letting my home to strangers.”

Victoria had such a great experience using Airsorted during last year’s Fringe, she plans to do the same this summer. In addition to this, Victoria also lets out her property for shorter visits whenever she’s on holiday or away for the weekend. Find her on instagram @edinburghholidaypad and see how her home became the beautiful space it is today. 



If you have a property in central Edinburgh and fancy making a few thousand pounds during the Fringe, now is the time to start preparing. Get in touch with us and we can get your home listed, organised and ready for guests in under seven days. We’ll make sure the listing is search optimised so the bookings for August will come rolling in no time.


5 Things not to miss at Brighton Pride 2018!

July 18, 2018

Every year, the seaside city of Brighton & Hove plays host to one of the world's most exciting street parties - Brighton Pride!

It’s an incredible weekend of parades through the streets, reckless dancing, fantastic music and complete fabulousness! In other words it’s amazing! 

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the city, it also represents a great opportunity to earn some extra income by letting out your home to some of the friendly new arrivals. 

Airsorted makes the whole process super easy. We work with all the major online holiday lettings companies like Airbnb,  HomeAway and to ensure that you get the absolute best price for your home without any of the hassle. 

We also take care of photos, cleaners, key drops and anything else you can think of, so that you can get on with enjoying your extra income. The best bit? During Brighton Pride, residents can get up to 3 times normal prices! 

Our local Brighton team told us about their favourite, not to miss pride moments for 2018... 

The Parade


Snaking its way through the city from the seafront, the parade ends at Preston park for the big show. Floats are provided from all over the city and the parade lasts over 4 hours! 

The Outfits 

One rule - look fabulous. Prepare to have your mind blown at the creativity on show here, from feathered creations to insane drag superstars!  

St James Street Party

Running throughout the two days, many of Brighton’s streets are closed down for small events throughout the city. The St James street party is the largest and most fun of those, which multiple music stages, bars and street food, it runs throughout the day and into the night before everyone spills into local nightclubs or sets fires up on the beach.  

Wild Fruit Tent

A mainstay of the main Pride event, the Wild Fruit tent is 4/4 dance music, lasers, amazing light shows and lots and lots of very sweaty men having the time of their lives. It’s amazing, but definitely not one for the kids! 

Britney Spears!

It’s official, Brighton Pride 2018 will play host to the Queen of late 90’s pop herself, Britney! After playing in Vegas for 5 years, this is the first stop on her world tour, and we can’t wait to see her in all her bubble gum glory!  


Whatever you're there to see - Airsorted wishes you a happy and safe Pride Festival 2018!

Airsorted is now based in cities all over the world and helps people unlock the value in their home without the hassle - check out our rental calculator below and see how much you could earn! 

How much can you make letting out your home for Brighton Pride 2018?

July 17, 2018


Over 400,000 people descend on to Brighton & Hove every year for one of the Worlds greatest street carnivals to celebrate Pride. This represents a great opportunity for local residents to rent out their homes and earn some extra ££!


Airsorted works with all the major online holiday lettings companies like Airbnb,  HomeAway and to ensure that you get the absolute best price for your home without any of the hassle. We take care of photos, cleaners, key drops and anything else you can think of so that you can get on with enjoying your extra income.


Our team also heavily vet everyone that stays, making sure that your home will be safe and well looked after.

Brighton Pride is a great time to let out your home and you can expect to get prices up to 3 times their normal asking price. If you fancy a holiday, or need to conduct some essential home repairs, this is a great way to make that happen, easily and quickly.  


  • A 1 bedroom flat with an additional sofa bed an normally earn roughly £65-£120 per night. Over Pride weekend, this could reach over £250, earning you £750+!   

  • A  2 bedroom flat sleeping 4 could earn you over £1,000

  • Anything over this and you could be looking at anything up to and beyond £3,000!  

  • Try our rental calculator below to see how much you could make!  




We wish you a happy and safe Pride Festival 2018!

Airsorted is now based in cities all over the world and helps people unlock the value in their home without the hassle - check out our rental calculator below to see how much you could earn!    


Meet the First Time Hosts: Sally & Jonathan

July 11, 2018


Every day we meet new, inspirational hosts who are looking for a hassle-free solution to hosting their property on sites like Airbnb. But we’re also proud to offer a service that makes it easy for anyone to share their home, whether they’re an experienced Super Host or a complete beginner.

So we spoke to retired couple Sally & Jonathan, who came to Airsorted looking for help listing their very first property on Airbnb.

‘We’ve had our house in Cambridge for about ten years or so,’ Sally explains. ‘Our daughter actually lived there for a while she was doing her PhD at the university there. She moved out roughly 3 or 4 years ago and when she left we were stuck on what to do with the house. We wanted to keep it so we could stay there occasionally and see our grandchildren. So we thought, what can we do with it for the rest of the time? That’s when we thought of Airbnb.’


Thankfully, Airsorted’s easy and straightforward approach to property management meant they could get things started straight away.

‘We didn’t realise there were things like Airsorted out there at the time. But a friend told us there are companies that can take care of all the hassle for you, so we did a bit of research and came across Airsorted.

Airsorted wasn’t the only company we looked into. We also looked at Pass the keys and one other company whose website was so awful we couldn’t continue. It was pretty close between you and Pass the Keys but what help decide it for us was Elliot, the person we spoke to. He was very reassuring and convincing. He told us about the local team you have here and that there were always people closeby to help. That really made a difference.’

Since they settled on Airsorted, we had to ask how their experience with us so far had been.

‘We can’t fault it, everything's been very quick. Louis from the local team came round to the house quickly, took some lovely photos and within the next day it was up and running. He was great. We couldn’t be more pleased.’




Jonathan adds, ‘Along with the swiftness of communication (we’ve never had to wait for you to reply) we’ve been really pleased with the way the emails have gone between the guests and yourselves. It’s not too professional or informal. They’re warm and inviting emails and I think that’s working really well.’

As relative newcomers to hosting, we asked Sally & Jonathan what they were hoping for by listing their property with Airsorted.

‘The reason for going with Airbnb was to maximise our income. Because our home isn’t in Cambridge, we’re actually based in Guilford, we needed an agency that could change the sheets and towels when we couldn’t. So you guys were heaven sent for us. We’d not put it on Airbnb before and it would have been too complicated for us to do it living in Guilford. Obviously we’re retired as well, and we spent a lot of money doing up the house so it helps pay for that as well as boost our pension.’



As proud homeowners, they were more than happy to share with us what made their property so special. ‘The location of the property is it’s best feature. It’s 10 minutes walk from the city centre, where you pass all the colleges and historical buildings. The shopping district is also pretty close, with plenty of independent shops.'

Sally & Jonathan’s top Cambridge picks:

'One of our favourite spots is the Old Norfolk Street Bakery. They do lovely artisan breads and cakes and serve delicious coffee. Another one is The Geldart Pub, it’s just 2 minutes from the house. It has exceptional food and live music, it’s quite the artsy place. The menus are written on old vinyl and they have a great outdoor area for when Summer comes round.'


Ever thought about becoming a host? Take that first step and find out how much your home could earn by checking out our property calculator below! 


Meet the Retired Couple: Anthony and Caroline Holmes

July 4, 2018


Retired vet Anthony Holmes and his wife Caroline, a former teacher, bought the flat below their Edinburgh mews home a few years ago, to renovate and let as a means to supplement their retirement income. ‘I wanted to rent it out as a long-term let,’ Anthony explains, ‘but my wife wanted it to be available for friends and family when they came to visit, so Airbnb seemed the best alternative.’

The couple originally considered managing the property themselves, but a trial run was enough to convince them of the stress and time-saving aspects of using Airsorted. ‘I was keen to manage the property myself,’ Caroline says, ‘but all I had to do was prepare the flat for guests and I discovered that I was taking a long time ironing and getting things ready, and not really doing a very good job of it all, so I quite quickly realised how impractical it was. Until you try to do everything yourself, you don’t realise quite how much time and effort it takes.’ Anthony adds; ‘Our lets are usually for two or three days, which means two and a half hours’ cleaning time every couple of days, plus all the laundry, it’s a big investment of time. Using Airsorted frees our time up, it takes the stress away and gives us peace of mind.’ 

The couple will greet guests on arrival when possible, to offer reassurance that they are around if any questions arise. ‘If we aren’t here when guests arrive, I make a point of knocking on the door to say ‘hello’ at some point. It’s always interesting meeting the people who are staying - we’ve had people here from all over the world,’ Anthony explains. ‘Remarkably, we had somebody come to stay who turned out to be the daughter of a lady I was teaching with in a primary school in Botswana years ago,’ Caroline says. ‘Another time we had a veterinary student staying, who was originally from America, who stayed here so that she could have peace and quiet to study for her exams, so we had a lot of veterinary chat with her.’ 



'We don’t impose ourselves on guests, but we always leave a message on the noticeboard to welcome them and say that we are upstairs if they need anything,’ Anthony explains. ‘We’ve actually had very few people having to get in touch with us, which is very reassuring.’ ‘‘You spend a lot of money and effort doing up a property,’ Caroline says, ‘And then other people use it and by the time you get to use it, it’s a bit worn out and not as appealing. Whereas, using Airsorted, the deterioration has really not happened - the property has been very well looked after.’

At Airsorted we aren’t allowed any favorite clients but Anthony and Caroline do have a special place in our hearts as Katie Pedri, a Client Success Team Lead in Edinburgh, explains;  ‘I first met Anthony and Caroline at their home, before they'd signed up, to talk to them about the company. They needed some reassurance and had quite a few questions about the model we offer. The second time I met them was to onboard their home. It was Christmas time and they'd prepared a welcome festive wreath on the door with my name written on it, it was such a lovely gesture.’


Katie elaborates on their relationship; ‘It's always a pleasure speaking with  Anthony and Caroline. They really care about the guests and go above and beyond by meeting them during their stay. They've put a lot of effort into the property, ensuring guests have everything they might need. As a result they continuously receive 5 star reviews and guests rarely have any issues.’


If you would like to unlock the value in your home, try our property calculator below and see how much your home could earn you! 


Meet the Seasoned Travellers: John & Liz

June 27, 2018


Our hosts come in all shapes and sizes, from business executives travelling the globe for work, to bloggers looking to get their wanderlust fix. Our hassle-free service makes it easy for anyone to share their home, wherever they are in the world. Today, we introduce you to John & Liz Bould, Auckland-based retirees who left their Greenlane home in Airsorted’s safe hands, while they travelled around the U.S in their 33 ft RV.

“I’m 68 and my wife is 65,” John explains. “We’ve been retired for some years now and enjoy being on the open road travelling to new places ”

Sometimes taking a long trip abroad can mean leaving your home unused and unloved. Both John & Liz are seasoned travellers, so we asked what they did before discovering Airsorted. “Initially we advertised for a family to occupy our house while we were away, which worked well enough - but the problem is that you have to manage it. There are issues to be addressed if you need to change tenants while you’re away, (such as whether the cleaning has been done properly). You also have to vet people, and arrange things like handing over the keys and laundry”.

It isn’t just cleaning that can cause a headache, though, as John points out, “We’d done this for quite a few years and, every now and then, a tenant would call up and say something like ‘the drain is blocked’. I remember one time, on Christmas Eve, I was 150 miles away and I actually had to drive back, in the middle of the night and clean the drain.”



Thankfully Airsorted’s full hosting service takes care of the day to day decisions including cleaning and laundry wherever you are in the world. “With Airsorted, you can say ‘just fix it’; it solves a lot of problems.

We bought our RV in Bakersfield, California, and planned travelling up to New York, which would take about a month. The Airsorted system works well for us because it is very difficult to find a one-month tenant when you want one; that’s where Airsorted came in. They were able to give us peace of mind, especially the person who managed our house, she was just brilliant. Very thorough and thoughtful, she even took videos of the front of the house to help guests know how to find the lockbox.”

But it isn’t just problems that they’re on hand to help with. “While travelling across the States we’d get Airbnb texts about prospective bookings. At first I’d try and answer them immediately, even in the middle of the night, thinking I was doing the right thing. But the Airsorted person we listed with politely told us “Don’t worry, we can do it all for you. If there’s anything you really need to be involved in, we’ll contact you”. For us that was great news.”

Of course, when using a host management service, one of the biggest concerns for any homeowner is that their home is going to be looked after, “I don’t like to let grass grow under my feet. If there’s something wrong I like to fix it straight away and, with Airsorted, that’s exactly what happens. Plus it’s nice to have the house used and cleaned while we’re away.”



John & Liz’s top Auckland picks:

“Da Sette Soldi and De Grand, both in Greenlane. Those are the two restaurants we go to quite often; both nearby. In fact within a kilometer radius of our home there are tons of good restaurants to choose from. Another great thing about this location is Cornwall Park. It’s over 300 acres and is like the equivalent of Central Park in New York, except it’s not square but round and the surrounding houses are smaller. We actually have a pathway behind our home that leads you straight out there, right from our back garden. It’s perfect if you just want to get some fresh air or do a bit of jogging, it’s great for that.”


If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator below and see how much your home could earn you! 


The Airsorted Guide to Travelling for Work

June 22, 2018


Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether it’s sunbathing on the beaches of Bali or skiing in the Swiss Alps, everyone has their own ideal holiday destination. But when you travel for work, the realities can sometimes leave you feeling like you need another trip away.

When you think of the stereotypical business traveller, you can be forgiven if you imagine a crumpled suit, bleary eyes and luggage that looks just about big enough for an iPad. But the savviest travellers know how to hop from country to country without losing sleep, looking fresh-faced and ready for their next meeting.

As we’re in 18 cities globally (with more on the way!) we know a thing or two about travelling for work. So we asked some of our more frequent flyers to give us their advice on how to make travelling for work hassle-free.



  1. Do your researchNick Hodgson - Regional Cities Director

“For me, the biggest thing before I fly out is making sure I know at least a little bit about where I’m going. Local customs, learning what people find rude or not is vital, so you should always do your research. If you don’t speak the language, learn some key phrases to help you get around. It just isn’t enough to know how to get from the airport to the office to your hotel and back again.”


    2. ‘Travel checklistLauren Scott-Smith - Designer

“I spend ages packing, even if I’m only going there for a few days. I never bring more than just a carry-on and I hate feeling unprepared, so I try and plan out exactly the things I’ll need and pack according to roughly when I need them. That way I’m not doing things like digging around in the bottom of my bag for my passport. I did that a few years ago and it’s basically become my travel checklist ever since. ”



    3. ‘Use your smartphone Arjun Bains - Performance Marketing Manager

“My phone becomes my lifeline when I’m travelling for work, so I’d advise anyone to really use your smartphone when abroad. I download every app I’m going to need while I’m there, Citymapper, Tripadvisor and of course Airbnb. I also make sure I have data or buy a roaming pack, on the off chance I’m somewhere that doesn’t have good wifi.”


   4.  ‘Get loyalty pointsMonica Wejman - Toronto City Manager

“I always sign up for airline loyalty points whenever I get the chance. You can find some really good deals if you’re a regular flyer and it can be kind of fun seeing them go up. I try to make sure I get loyalty points when I can. Definitely look out though, some airlines charge an annual fee so always best to check first.”


Short-let your home while away

Wherever you’re travelling, it’s always good not to let your property sit idle while you’re away. Bills and mortgage payments won’t stop while you’re abroad so listing your property with Airsorted can help you cover the costs, hassle-free. Our host management service means you can earn money from your home while you travel for work, while still having the flexibility to come back when you need to. We’ll create your listing, arrange cleaning & laundry and even handle guest communication for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator below and see how much your home could earn you! 


Airsorted's Edinburgh Housewarming Party!

June 21, 2018


Last week, we hosted a very special housewarming party in Edinburgh to introduce some fantastic journalists and bloggers to Airsorted. We had everything a great house party should have – good music, good company and plenty of homemade cocktails!

The event was hosted in the King’s Chamber at Riddle’s Court, one of the most unique Airsorted properties in Edinburgh. After all, we help get the King’s Chamber ready for guests through our property management services, so we thought it would be the perfect place to show off exactly what we do.




The one-bedroom apartment has been recently renovated, and it’s the ideal city-centre pad for exploring Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. Located on the Royal Mile, it’s just two minutes away from Edinburgh Castle and a short stroll away from the hustle and bustle of Princes Street.

Inside, it has been beautifully decorated to incorporate period features (like the amazing 16th century painted beams in the bedroom) alongside modern design. If you fancy staying in the King’s Chamber yourself, it’s available to book via Airbnb here.

On the night, there were lots of things going on for our guests to enjoy. We kicked things off with a G&T from Oro Gin, followed by an introduction to Airsorted by our Edinburgh City Manager, Imogene Keane.




We then got to hear from Julie Mitchell, a financial advisor from Independent Women, who gave us some great financial tips. From getting on the property ladder to investing your money wisely, Julie’s insights were invaluable for new homeowners. She also emphasised the importance of making your home work for you, and using opportunities (like short term letting with the help of Airsorted!) to help you earn extra money to pay your mortgage off quicker.

Next up, we moved through from the living room to the bedroom for an interiors masterclass with Saffron Hodgson from Ampersand Interiors. From the basics of choosing a colour palette for your room, to clever ways to hide away your personal belongings when you’re renting out your home, Saffron had lots of fantastic tips. Simple things like adding plants or colourful cushions can take a room from looking tired and boring, to warm and inviting for your guests.



Then it was back to the kitchen and dining area for a gin cocktail masterclass with new Scottish distillery, Oro Gin. Expert bartender Christian showed us how to mix up two summery cocktails – the Golden Garden and The Dream – with our guests having a go at making them both. The Golden Garden was a refreshing mix of Oro Gin, elderflower presse, cucumber, lemon and mint, and The Dream put a fruity twist on the classic Bramble, with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries muddled in the glass.

We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to our housewarming party! We had a fantastic night introducing bloggers and journalists to the world of Airsorted and showing them how they can make the most out of their Edinburgh properties.


If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator below and see how much your home could earn you! 


Meet the Executive Jetsetters: Neil & Mehjabeen

June 15, 2018



There are a number of reasons why you might decide to short-let your property. Maybe you’re relocating for work, perhaps your looking for extra income to fund your travels and want to make sure your home is in safe hands while you’re away. Today we introduce you to Bristol based hosts, Neil Patrick and his wife Mehjabeen, who let out their property using Airsorted earlier this year.

Mehjabeen is a CFO while Neil runs his own ad agency, both jobs which means their plans rarely coincide. “I might be away, she might be,” Neil explains, “we can both be abroad for one month but maybe not at the same time.”

So we asked Neil how he came to list his property on Airbnb. “We’re based in Clifton Wood, a lot of people visit this part of town - it’s near the bridge and near the city centre, so it’s a great location in Bristol. We also recently had a garden extension done. We absolutely love the house but also go away quite a lot, so with the advent of Airbnb, we realised there was a great opportunity. So while our daughter was away for university, we decided to put our property on Airbnb. The timing of it was perfect, and because Airsorted take care of it all for you, we could move forward with listing our property on Airbnb without worrying. We wouldn’t be on Airbnb without Airsorted.”

Our hassle-free service is designed to take all the stress out of hosting for you, from creating your listing to vetting your guests, something Neil and Mehjabeen were able to find out first hand. “We were onsite with a week, everything was really smooth. The big thing for us was getting it listed in the first place, a lot of the heavy lifting was done by Airsorted. Not having to worry about dealing with anything when the guests are here, cleaning, top quality bedding and linen, at a consistent quality too. It’s a more reliable service than what we could provide anyway, it means we can switch off. It gives us peace of mind.”



Some of the biggest worries when short-letting your home for the first time can be whether or not it’s going to be take care of, or whether it’ll be rented at all. “It’s a great house and, combined with what Airsorted bring to the table, makes it look very professional,” Neil explains, “plus, everytime we list it, it’s rented. We’ve had 100% occupancy. We’re now able to go away more because it covers our weekend trips away.”

Working with Airsorted has also given Neil and Mehjabeen more freedom. “It gives us the opportunity to take more breaks, and also contributes to the cost of the house. We recently were able to go to Milan because of it. My wife was there for work and so I listed the property and within 24 hours there were 2 requests to book. This meant we could travel together, knowing it was all covered.”




Neil & Mehjabeen’s top Bristol picks:

“Clifton Village is a great spot, with tons of bars and restaurants. It’s got a nice feel, boutique shops and it’s near the bridge so has some great views - would definitely recommend. We’re also close to the harbour, with plenty of watersports if that’s your thing. One of our favourites is the Pumphouse Pub, a converted pump house built for the floating harbour. It specialises in gin, so if you like your gin, it’s a great place to have a drink and sit on the water.”  

Whether you’re a seasoned Super Host or thinking about using Airbnb for the first time, Airsorted is here to help. If you'd like to unlock the value in your home, try our clever calculator below and see how much your home could earn you!